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About Alcyone Intuitive Healing 

Dee, owner of Alcyone Intuitive Healing, is certified in Usui Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki®, Animal Reiki, crystal healing. Dee has completed an 18-month intuitive healing development mentorship and attended mediumship training at Arthur Findlay College in London UK.

Alcyone Intuitive Healing is named after the brightest star in the Pleiades. In Greek mythology. Alcyone, the second sister, was known as the leader. During the Halcyon days when the world was filled with joy, prosperity and tranquillity she watched over the Mediterranean Sea, making it calm and safe for sailors.

Dee will continue to hold the space of the Halcyon days for anyone visiting Alcyone Intuitive Healing providing a calm and safe place to relax and explore inner healing. 



My Approach


At Alcyone Intuitive Healing, the focus is to provide a holistic approach to balancing your body mind and soul. The power of energy healing and intuition is used to balance and harmonize your inner self emotionally and spiritually.

Dependent on the experience you are drawn to, a combination of tools and techniques will be utilized. These include Reiki, the use of crystals and sound healing, or intuitive guidance which could be connecting with those who have journeyed to the other-side. this can also include your loved pets and animals!


All tools and technique utilized are aimed at removing any blockages that may be holding you back from living your authentic life. The experiences that you choose to immerse yourself in will aim to leave you feeling rejuvenated and restored while also providing comfort and relaxation.

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