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Take a journey for the body mind and soul with energetic healing and intuitive experiences

At Alcyone Intuitive Healing, we believe true healing comes from within.

Healing experiences that are provided at Alcyone Intuitive Healing specialize in energy healing and chakra balancing by utilizing Reiki, crystal and sound therapy, to help you connect with your own innate healing abilities.

Other experiences include mediumship and psychic readings, where there is a soul to soul connection made with your inner self or those who have crossed to the other-side.

Alcyone Intuitive Healing provides these experiences to help you achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual balance, empowering you on your own unique journey.

Alcyone Intuitive Healing provides a safe and calm space where you can connect with your inner awareness and find support and guidance on your individual healing journey.


Energy Healing with Reiki

Reiki is a technique that promotes stress reduction , relaxation and promotes inner healing. Rei is spiritual wisdom, which is universal and is all around us, and Ki is life energy, the vital life-force that animates all living beings. The Reiki practitioner will activate the flow of the energy and lay hands on the body or work in the auric field during an experience utilizing Reiki.

Mediumship Readings

Connect with your loved ones , including your loved animals and pets, and those who have transitioned to the other-side. The mediumship experience is for anyone seeking spiritual guidance or wanting to feel a sense of connection with those who have crossed over. 

Psychic Readings

Whether you’re seeking guidance on a specific situation or want to gain a deeper understanding of your authentic life path, a soul to soul connection will be made to help empower and inspire you. 

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